Not long now ,Bristol horrorcon really looking forward to it got lots of new and old artwork to show so if you see me say hi

Hi people its been a great year so far and ive got a few projects on the go.As mentioned in earlyier posts conventions are coming soon so if your about come say hi ,also going to be painting 5 covers for the great author Kieth Rommel called white river monster so check them out ,take care my freinds hopefully see you at the conventions .


Had an awsome time at Edge lit 4 meet some great people ,publishers and got sone work out of it .Had a great response to my artwork so looking forward to Bristol horror con in october then back to Derby in november for the christmas event if if your about come say hi

Blog #1

7nnEQfjJAVTh0FA1d0k-uoGsND5m51y4a73_GZuRXMYHi first ide like to welcome you to stephen cooney art website.

Its going to be a busy year for me as i have several projects on the go ,in july i will be attending Edge lit-4 where i have a few old friends with new books coming out in which i have painted the covers for .In october i will be at Bristol horror convention with knightwatch press among others so come say hi mire updates to come and thanks again

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