Stephen Cooney has been painting for as long as he can remember. After years of growing up listening to and admiring album covers of bands like iron maiden he decided this was the field he wanted to do. After leaving school he went on to study art at Exeter art academy where he found art there to be abit flat and would often fall out with his art teacher when he saw the art Stephen was painting. After a few years of illustrating he left painting behind and became involved with tattooing.

After a long stint in tattooing which became a huge success he decided to go back to painting and gave illustration a go. Two or more years of nonstop painting preparing a portfolio he then started showing his portfolio around and sending samples of his work to publishers. The rest is history, creating over 100 book and magazine covers he has gone from strength to strength but his main aim is to to album covers for heavy metal bands, a long childhood dream.

Stephen is known for his art in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres although he is known for his zombie paintings. He has designed book and magazine covers for publishers and authors all over the world and is regularly seen at many art and book conventions.

When he is not glued to his easel painting and driving his wife crazy with paintings and paint everywhere he plays guitar and is a gamer on the playstation, although not a very good one!

He lives in Wellington, Somerset with his wife Amanda and two children Hayley and Steven jnr.